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Welcome to Swap Crypto

Have you ever thought of owning a gem coin and holding it for a long term?, you are at the right place. Crypto currency has spread around the world. We provide you Swap Crypto Network Is an Ongoing Project, We are building a network of site and app’s that will all be found here on this page we have future plans to link our Swap Crypto (SCW) Token As a Form of payment on our network, We are Also Creating NFT’s To help With Our Support Our Community, All NFT  BUYERS WEILL GET AIRDROPED  FREE SWAP CRYPTO (SCW) TOKENS!

Multiple Ways to Buy SCW

Your choice of favorite payment methods

Buy with Visa/MaserCard 24/7

Buy Crypto directly 24/7 with Credit/Debit card
SIMPLE / SAFE & FAST Crypto buying portal!

Buy with Local Currency on P2P

Always 0% fee. Multiple payment methods to choose: Bank Transfer / SWIFT / Paypal

Start Your Cryptocurrency Journey Today

Manage Your Assets

Trade with up to 5X leverage for spot trading

Credit Card Payments

Buy cryptocurrency with your credit card

Secure Storage

Client funds are held in dedicated multi-signature cold wallets. 24/7 security monitoring. Dedicated 20,000 BTC Security Reserve Fund.

Enjoy cross-platform trading anytime, anywhere

Deposit, withdraw, and trade 24/7 , Pancakeswap, Uniswap Quick And Easy on our mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Swap Crypto(SCW) And Swap Crypto 3 (SCW) is a digital asset, which was built as BEP20, SCW is a promising project that will be competing in value with other popular word digital currencies. Swap crypto offers huge return to its holders within the DeFi space by holding SCW on the Binance Smart Chain. Swap Crypto can be exchanged on Pancakeswap.

Swap Crypto Project Is Built Around Our Swap Crypto Wallet App For Android,
Our Swap Crypto Wallet App Allows it User To Send And Receive Swap Crypto (SCW) and Swap Crypto 3 (SCW)
Along With All BEP20 Tokens Our Swap Crypto Wallet App Also Allows User’s To PancakeSwap Quicky.

With this Features All ERC20 Token Will Be Able To Be Sent And Receive, along with adding your own ERC20 Custom Tokens!
this is currently in Development for the Wallet App We Plan To Release this in Next Update.

– We Plan To Add Staking For Bep20 Tokens and ERC20 Tokens Our Swap Crypto 3(SCW) Will Be Stake Able! to the Swap Crypto Wallet For Android in the upcoming months

– We Plan To ADD NFT Market Place To Our Swap Crypto Wallet App Witch Will Use Swap Crypto (SCW)

You Can Find Our Wallet App On Google Play: Swap Crypto Wallet

Swap Crypto Website Wallet System
Swap Crypto Wallet Website Is different From the Android App however this to is power by the Swap Crypto (SCW) token
on site you can create a wallet for all types of crypto and pancake swap quickly you can also wallet connect to our system on site using WEB3 Connect.

– We Plan to Ad a On Site NFT Market Place Power By The Swap Crypto (SCW) Token
– We Plan To Add On Site Farming Power By The Swap Crypto 3 (SCW) Token
– More Feature are being planned.
Swap Crypto On Site Wallet System Can be Use For Custom Tokens Too!

A fully secure crypto wallet to buy, send, and swap cryptocurrencies and manage your digital assets and coins privately and securely. This is what this cryptocurrency wallet app is all about. There is also the option to buy and hold Swap Crypto (SCW) as one of the most profitable coins to invest in.
Swap Crypto Wallet, the secure blockchain wallet, integrates Uniswap and PancakeSwap trading directly in the wallet and allows you to swap on the leading crypto exchange at a very low fee. Using this secure crypto wallet, you can send and receive coins and tokens from anyone, whenever you want and wherever you are.
So, if you consider yourself a cryptocurrency trader or holder, and look for a private crypto wallet to control your digital wealth, and buy, send, swap & exchange cryptocurrency, you’ve come to the right place. Download Swap Crypto Wallet for free on your Android device, create your private wallet and send and receive all types of crypto securely at a low fee.

Trusted crypto wallet to exchange coins, tokens, and any form of cryptocurrency
Swap Crypto Wallet, the free crypto wallet and swap and exchange cryptocurrency, comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that you will get the whole idea as soon as trying to send and receive crypto for the very first time.
The extensive security and privacy measurements, support for major coins and tokens to swap and exchange, secure wallet with private keys stored in the phone, the option to buy and hold Swap Crypto (SCW) coin, and intuitive interface are just a few reasons that make this decentralized wallet for cryptocurrency users your #1 choice when it comes to finding the best crypto wallet for Android.

Trade Swap Crypto and Swap Crypto 3 coins: Swap Crypto (SCW) is a promising project that will be competing in value with other popular word digital currencies. Swap crypto offers a considerable return to its holders within the DeFi space by holding SCW on the Binance Smart Chain. Swap Crypto can be exchanged on Pancakeswap
If you are looking for one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in with a high rate of return, Swap Crypto. Using this secure crypto wallet app, you can buy and hold SCC and trade it in the future.

Swap Crypto Wallet main features at a glance:
⦁ Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
⦁ Secure crypto wallet to hold your tokens and coins privately
⦁ Protect your wealth and digital assets
⦁ buy, send, swap, and exchange cryptocurrencies
⦁ Trade Swap Crypto and Swap Crypto 3
⦁ send and receive Swap Crypto on popular exchanges like Pancakeswap and Uniswap
⦁ Very low transfer fees to swap and exchange coins and tokens
⦁ Supports Eth20 and Bep20 Coins
⦁ Free cryptocurrency wallet

So, Swap Crypto Wallet delivers everything you should expect from such crypto wallet applications and it even sets the bar higher by allowing you to buy and hold Swap Crypto SCW coin.
Download Swap Crypto Wallet, the secure blockchain wallet, for free on your Android phone or tablet, and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests, or any other suggestions.

Our End Goal IS To Be Able To Grow As Big As The Rest Of The Leading Coins,
With The Ability To Return Huge Profits To Our Investors.
Be Sure To Join Our Community


Swap Crypto NFT

Swap Crypto NFT Are Currently Sold On 2 Market Places Officially By Us
Our NFT’S that are sold will go to the development of our projects to progress our software and Token Marketing, All NFT Buyers Will Get Airdrop Swap Crypto 3 (SCW) Token’s Then Includes Resale’s 

you Can Buy Our NFT’S AT:

1.BakerySwap NFT Market Place
2.Featured NFT Market Place

We Are Currently Making our own market place where we will be minting and selling our NFT’s Also the Swap Crypto Community Will Also Be able To Mint and Sell There NFT’S on Swap Crypto
For Now We Are Using These Make Places

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Endless Online Stream

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Show how creative you can be.

Token Structure

Swap Crypto (SCW) Contract: 0x39C530CfE612a515e803949432fB09e743a69a08 BSCSCAN:https://bscscan.com/token/0x39C530CfE612a515e803949432fB09e743a69a08?a=0x5F1205663Aa1D04070Cf032Ed3d34f91C22f3Ff3

Cost of 1 token STMX: 0.0001 BTC
Term of token sale: 75 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO
Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible
Technical limitation of tokens: 300,000,000
Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments
Hardcap: $47,000,000
Distributed to Community
Reserved Funding
Founders and Team
«Bounty» campaign

Soft-cap Budget Allocation

  • 27% Product Development

    Product development according to the roadmap.

  • 39% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships

    Expenses for attracting the retailers to the platform, making partnerships with payment providers, website builders, loyalty programs services providers and other partners.

  • 12% Operations

    Operational costs, non-tech staff salaries.

  • 6% Legal

    Company and subsidiaries establishment, contracts with the retailers, development of legal opinions about the entire stack of BitRewards services and retailers’ operations, etc.

  • 16% Management

    C-level executives salaries.


June 2022
Development of the scoring model
November 2022
Development of the platform for hedging quotes
February 2022
Development of a product for hedging the risks of mining farm buyers
June 2022
Development of the product for hedging crypto wallets
October 2022
Development of the ICO hedging platform
December 2022
Development of the platform for hedging transactions on crypto exchange
March 2022
Development of a product for hedging of mining hardware