Have you ever thought of owning a gem coin and holding it for a long term?, you are at the right place. Crypto currency has spread around the world. We provide you Swap Crypto (SCC) And Swap Crypto 2 (SCC) which you can trade anywhere in the world. Swap Crypto Main Project Is Swap Crypto Wallet Android App We Released The Swap Crypto Wallet And Swap Crypto Coin's in Nov, 1, 2021 You Can Find Our Swap Crypto Wallet On Google Play!, Our Swap Crypto Wallet Allows User's To Send And Receive Crypto Along with PancakeSwap And UniSwap Our Swap Crypto Wallet Has The Ability To Host Custom Tokens and New Tokens Providing A Wallet Address For Any Token!, The Swap Crypto App Was Design For Other Token Developers To Have The Ability To Provide Token Wallet Address To Clients Who Maybe New To Crypto And Don't Understand the Layout of Wallets Like TrustWallet And MetaWallet, With Swap Crypto You Can Also Import Your Trustwallet Or Metamask Wallet, We Designed Swap Crypto Wallet App Layout So It Is Very Easy To Understand And Is Easy To Use, Swap Crypto Also Provide The Same Security With Recovery Phase We Also Added A Feature For Fingerprint Where All User's Will Need To Use There Fingerprint Just To Get To The Password Screen, Then It Will Ask For Your Password To Your Account We Did This Incase Someone Stole Your Device And Happen To Know Your Password They Will Still Need Your Fingerprint Keeping Your Account Absolutely Safe, We Plan To Add Thing Like Staking In App, NFT Marketplace, Coin Market List, And More Features After.



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Swap Crypto(SCC) And Swap Crypto 2 (SCC) is a digital asset, which was built as BEP20, SCC is a promising project that will be competing in value with other popular word digital currencies. Swap crypto offers huge return to its holders within the DeFi space by holding SCC on the Binance Smart Chain. Swap Crypto can be exchanged on Pancakeswap. Swap Crypto Project Is Built Around Our Swap Crypto Wallet App For Android, Our Swap Crypto Wallet App Allows it User To Send And Receive Swap Crypto (SCC) and Swap Crypto 2 (SCC) Along With All BEP20 Tokens Our Swap Crypto Wallet App Also Allows User's To PancakeSwap Quicky. - We Plan To Add The ETH (ERC20 Tokens) To Our App Along With Uniswap Simply By Changing the Network, With this Features All ERC20 Token Will Be Able To Be Sent And Receive, along with adding your own ERC20 Custom Tokens! this is currently in Development for the Wallet App We Plan To Release this in Next Update. - We Plan To Add Staking For Bep20 Tokens and ERC20 Tokens Our Swap Crypto 2 (SCC) Will Be Stake Able! to the Swap Crypto Wallet For Android in the upcoming months - We Plan To ADD NFT Market Place To Our Swap Crypto Wallet App Witch Will Use Swap Crypto (SCC) You Can Find Our Wallet App On Google Play: Swap Crypto Wallet Swap Crypto Website Wallet System Swap Crypto Wallet Website Is different From the Android App however this to is power by the Swap Crypto (SCC) token on site you can create a wallet for all types of crypto and pancake swap quickly you can also wallet connect to our system on site using WEB3 Connect. - We Plan to Ad a On Site NFT Market Place Power By The Swap Crypto (SCC) Token - We Plan To Add On Site Farming Power By The Swap Crypto 2 (SCC) Token - More Feature are being planned. Swap Crypto On Site Wallet System Can be Use For Custom Tokens Too! A fully secure crypto wallet to buy, send, and swap cryptocurrencies and manage your digital assets and coins privately and securely. This is what this cryptocurrency wallet app is all about. There is also the option to buy and hold Swap Crypto (SCC) as one of the most profitable coins to invest in. Swap Crypto Wallet, the secure blockchain wallet, integrates Uniswap and PancakeSwap trading directly in the wallet and allows you to swap on the leading crypto exchange at a very low fee. Using this secure crypto wallet, you can send and receive coins and tokens from anyone, whenever you want and wherever you are. So, if you consider yourself a cryptocurrency trader or holder, and look for a private crypto wallet to control your digital wealth, and buy, send, swap & exchange cryptocurrency, you’ve come to the right place. Download Swap Crypto Wallet for free on your Android device, create your private wallet and send and receive all types of crypto securely at a low fee. Trusted crypto wallet to exchange coins, tokens, and any form of cryptocurrency Swap Crypto Wallet, the free crypto wallet and swap and exchange cryptocurrency, comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that you will get the whole idea as soon as trying to send and receive crypto for the very first time. The extensive security and privacy measurements, support for major coins and tokens to swap and exchange, secure wallet with private keys stored in the phone, the option to buy and hold Swap Crypto (SCC) coin, and intuitive interface are just a few reasons that make this decentralized wallet for cryptocurrency users your #1 choice when it comes to finding the best crypto wallet for Android. Trade Swap Crypto and Swap Crypto 2 coins: Swap Crypto (SCC) is a promising project that will be competing in value with other popular word digital currencies. Swap crypto offers a considerable return to its holders within the DeFi space by holding SCC on the Binance Smart Chain. Swap Crypto can be exchanged on Pancakeswap and Uniswap. If you are looking for one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in with a high rate of return, Swap Crypto. Using this secure crypto wallet app, you can buy and hold SCC and trade it in the future. Swap Crypto Wallet main features at a glance: ⦁ Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface ⦁ Secure crypto wallet to hold your tokens and coins privately ⦁ Protect your wealth and digital assets ⦁ buy, send, swap, and exchange cryptocurrencies ⦁ Trade Swap Crypto and Swap Crypto 2 ⦁ send and receive Swap Crypto on popular exchanges like Pancakeswap and Uniswap ⦁ Very low transfer fees to swap and exchange coins and tokens ⦁ Supports Eth20 and Bep20 Coins ⦁ Free cryptocurrency wallet So, Swap Crypto Wallet delivers everything you should expect from such crypto wallet applications and it even sets the bar higher by allowing you to buy and hold Swap Crypto SCC coin. Download Swap Crypto Wallet, the secure blockchain wallet, for free on your Android phone or tablet, and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests, or any other suggestions. Our End Goal IS To Be Able To Grow As Big As The Rest Of The Leading Coins, With The Ability To Return Huge Profits To Our Investors. Be Sure To Join Our Community



Swap Crypto Was Start In Nov,1,2021 Swap Crypto (SCC) With total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000, Holders 4% Auto LP 1% development %2, consistent giveaway and airdrops will be distributed to our new holders Swap Crypto 2 (SCC) With total supply of 100,000,000,000, All Holders get 4% ( Auto LP 1% (Auto Liquidly) Charity 2%. Swap Crypto 1 (SCC) And Swap Crypto 2 (SCC) Are Already Listed On PancakeSwap! Swap Crypto is the next rated currency that will dominate the crypto world and will be listed on more popular exchange platform like Binance . Holders tend to experience continuous increment for holding Swap Crypto on a very long term. SCC token can be owned on software wallet like Swap Crypto wallet, Trust Wallet, Metamask Wallet. Our Development Of Our Wallet Systems On Android And On Site Will Put Swap Crypto on Top!


Swap Crypto 1

Token Name: Swap Crypto Token Symbol: SCC Token Decimals: 18 Token Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 SCC Contract: 0x472a87cf2a2e3ab165c9bb606a38b91c39b739a1 LP: 1% Holders: 4% (Swap Crypto 2 Holders Rewards Per Transaction) Development : 2% (development Will Be Used To Progress Development of Swap Crypto Wallet


Swap Crypto 2

Token Name: Swap Crypto 2 Token Symbol: SCC Token Decimals: 18 Token Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 SCC Contract: 0x8b266607b70b6923efe162dd803c877f6658c561 LP: 1% Holders: 4% (Swap Crypto 2 Holders Rewards Per Transaction) Charity: 2% ( Donating To Charity Foundations All Donations To Charity's Will be Documented And Listed In Our Telegram Group



Strictly follow this simple process to connect Swap Crypto on your Swap Crypto Wallet app 1. Download and open an account on Swap Crypto Wallet 2. Remember to Write Down your Recovery Phase Key 3. When App Opens You Will See Swap Crypto AND Swap Crypto 2 4. You Can now Send & Receive Swap Crypto and Swap Crypto 2 5. You Can Now Use The Swap Tab On Bottom To Pancake Swap! with the swap crypto app you can send and receive any altcoins Bep20 Related 1.by clicking the add asset tab and the list of Bep20 coins 2.you can also add you own coin by simply scrolling to the bottom and click custom token import 3.place the contract address in and it will auto fill in the rest click import Swap Crypto Wallet with ETH network 1. click the top center tab where it say smart chain network 2. pick ETH network 3. you can repeat the same step's as the Bep20 guide *****DO NOTE FEE'S DO APPLY ON SWAPING SO MAKE SURE YOUR TRADING ENOUGH FOR FEE'S!**** download our Swap Crypto Wallet: https://bit.ly/30h0tqo



Do you have your Swap Crypto address already?, kindly contact us and get your Swap Crypto rewards. Also, ensure you join our telegram group in order to get airdrops and some other rewards for performing little task. Telegram: https://t.me/swapcryptonow Telegram Airdrops: https://t.me/swapcryptonow Discord: https://discord.gg/t9KsCtyKNW Twitter: https://twitter.com/swapcrypto2021



We recommend the following wallets for sending and receiving Swap Crypto (SCC) coin 1. Swap Crypto Wallet: https://swapcrypto.ca/exchange Google Play Swap Crypto Wallet: https://bit.ly/30h0tqo 2. Google Play Trust Wallet: https://bit.ly/30mDNoR 3. Google Play Metamask Wallet: https://bit.ly/3wGm9bI


As blockchain is essentially a digital ledger that records transactions, we are building a strong community that will enable holders to use our coin regularly for their transactions and have confidence in us always.


Buddybio Social Media is a social media platform that we own and use to market all of our projects this is one our marketing tool however buddybio.com also has the ability to sell pro user packages and ad space to user's in house there is a lot of features to buddybio.com way to many to list here. we will be integrating Swap Crypto as a payment method before the end of 2022. check out buddybio.com Explore it.


We Also Own A Video Platform That We Plan To add Swap Crypto (SCC) before the end of 2022 our video / livestream platform is freedomshare.net this platform has many features were swap crypto investor can benefit from such as: freedom share has pay-per-view features along with private meeting and public meeting's user's can donate to creators using freedom share on site wallet freedom share also has a built-in ad's system where it can sell video ad space and banner ad space creators can buy these ad space too, Freedom Share has a App on Google Play having such a platform can give us the tools we need to move forward in the upcoming phase of project!


Swap Crypto Wallet is a trusted software wallet that can be used to exchange any form of cryptocurrency. Its feature include sending and receiving all types of crypto and also has the ability to pancakeswap and uniwap, which its own coin is Swap Crypto and Swap Crypto 2. Visit google play store to download our app: https://bit.ly/30h0tqo


Swap Crypto (SCC) And Swap Crypto 2 (SCC) is the world's fastest growing Blockchian built in the ecosystem in crypto. We will be burning Swap Crypto frequently and offer airdrops to people. We are unique in this crypto currency world.


Swap Crypto And Swap Crypto 2 coin is currency that is 100% secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.


A frictionless decentralized digital commodity with high liquidity. A coin that will be taken to the moon and remain bullish forever. The best time to invest in Swap Crypto is now before we experience bullish run.

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Swap Crypto Hires independent Freelancers For Non Security Related Work We Believe In Giving Everyone A Chance To Earn By Using There Skills By Using These Freelancers it allows Us To Spread the Work Load Around Along With Bring New And Fresh Ideas With Them, Once A Freelance Provides US With High Quality Work We Try To Rehire To Keep Progressing the Task We Give Them, We Found Doing This Help Us Apply Our Features With Less Error And Fast Progress Time The Main Development Is Handle By The Swap Crypto Founder. Swap Crypto Dose Not Have Partners And Prefer Not To Have Any As Partners Can Get In The Way Of the Main Idea Of Swap Crypto Our Main Goal Is To Maximize Profits For Our Swap Crypto Holders And Creating The Best Crypto Community!



Swap Crypto Founder


We ensure that our client's expectations are always met even beyond, see below few of our clients testimonies.

Dealing with Swap crypto has been awesome, I enjoyed every seconds. They did as promised, keep up the good work.




I enjoyed a high conveniency, transactions with a sound approach to ensure customer service balanced with appropriate security measures in place to benefit both parties. Thanks to all the team for this great token.


Sonia Jasy

Software Tester

It has been a great experience so far, the Swap Crypto team is full of professionals who made everything so easy for completely newbie and veteran in the crypto world to transact with Swap crypto. They provided excellent service and friendly communication, they're the best.


Karim Hasan

Graphics Designer


We value our clients and we want to provide them with readily made information, check below and get answers to your questions.

You can send and receive Swap Crypto on popular exchanges like Pancakeswap and Uniswap


You are at the right place! You can get your Swap Crypto here at swapcrypto.ca

We recommend 1. Swap Crypto Wallet 2. Trust Wallet 3. Metamask Wallet

Swap Crypto can be used as a method to deposit on globalwallet.ca